Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why I wrote this blog...aka goodbye post

As I am signing out from my first blog I would like to give a little bit more background as to why I chose my topic for blogging.  I have always been an avid fan of Disney and all that they do.

 This slight obsession might have not come out in my blog completely as I tried to keep up with the technology based side of Disney as a requirement for my Communicating Science class.

 I also chose this topic as my dream job would be to be an Imagineer for Disney but unfortunately I have not been lucky thus far to even get a response from my tries to become apart of the Mouse Family but I have not given up hope!  I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the new technology that Disney has to offer and how they are ever-changing. 

With the new generations of kids wanting more thrills and "cooler" technology it is my guess that Disney will keep up with all of this to keep everyone happy.

So, I realy would like to thank all of my readers and hope this blog interested you to keep up with all of the awesome stuff Disney does in the future.

1 comment:

  1. I liked your blog. I have been to Disney World so many times, even now that I am older, that it is cool to see all the technology that goes into it. My favorite place was Epcot, because I'm a nerd I guess. Good luck. See you at graduation!!